Thursday, July 2, 2009

Do rains respond to prayers? Asks the Lok Satta

Propitiating Gods for precipitation of rains in 2009 by an elected Government and a devasthanam board nominated by it borders on the ridiculous, commented the Lok Satta Party here today.

Instead of going to the rescue of farmers hit by the drought-like situation with an alternative plan, the Chief Minister is hoodwinking the people by initiating the ritual. The Endowments Minister who is supposed to protect temple properties from encroachers supervises the ‘Varuna yagam.’ The TTD, which is expected to productively utilize people’s offerings to the God for their welfare, is squandering away precious resources on such unwarranted rituals.

Talking to the media, party spokesmen Katari Srinivsasa Rao, V. Laxman Balaji and G. Raja Reddy said there was nothing wrong in a Government resorting to cloud seeding in a bid to precipitate rains. But scheduling the program for the middle of July when the rainy season would be at its peak naturally sparked doubts about the Government’s motive.

The Lok Satta leaders pointed out that the Government is going ahead with its pet scheme of cooperative farming, undeterred by advice to the contrary from saner elements. They told the Government if the productivity and production were low it was not because the holdings were small but because the farmers had no access to resources and markets. The Government supplied certified seeds enough only for eight percent of the total acreage and tested only four percent of soils. Apart from addressing such lapses, the Government should provide credit and marketing facilities to farmers.

The party spokesmen accused the Government of not displaying either leadership or competence in resolving people’s problems. It had so indiscriminately issued ration cards that the beneficiary families exceeded the number of families in the State. And yet, tens of thousands of poor families do not have white cards. It had not come up with any concerted action plan to prevent recurrence of Bholakpurs (where 14 people died of ‘drinking water’).

They also referred to the Government appointing an Advisory Committee on Public Safety and Security in which the Home Minister did not find a place, and said it once again mirrored the Government’s irrational and hare-brained policies.

“Instead of focusing on ensuring independent crime investigation and equal treatment to all before law, ad hoc, arbitrary decisions are being taken. The Government did not or could not explain why such a body is necessary or how it would solve the problems. These arbitrary ‘firmans’ remind us of the shenanigans of autocratic rulers like Mod. Bin Tughlaq. It is time the Government got its act together and acted with some degree of responsibility and good sense”.


  1. First of all it's mistake for a secular Govt. to get involved in maintaining religious institutions and temples. Secondly, once involved, they are bound to use only the temple funds for the religious activities. Now, if the Govt. dips into other funds to organize religious rituals, Loksatta's criticism of the Govt. is valid.

    If TTD uses its funds for religious activities, it's the temple's prerogative. I don't think Loksatta has any locus standi on the issue. If people want their money to fund charity, they would donate it to such institutions and not temples.

    One may criticize religion or any rituals associated with it as a civic organization, but it would be wise for Loksatta as a political party to refrain from judging religion and other such personal matters of people.

  2. This blog post is with reference to loksatta derogatory comments of “Tughlaq rule” on the state government on the issue of "Maha varun yagam".

    The issue for the discussion is whether maha varuna yagam works or not? Will the thoughts or sounds impact the physical world? Before jumping in to any conclusions it is better to look at certain facts;

    1) Brilliant work of Japan's Masaru Emoto photos (water forming in to crystals) published in a g book called The Messages of Water, demonstrated that our thoughts, words, and feelings affect physical world, right down to the molecular level.

    2) We have documented evidence that the music influences our body. Music therapy is a buzz word in the medical world.

    3) There is documented evidence that healing prayers miraculously cured diseases. In his book “Modern Miraculous Cures - A Documented Account of Miracles and Medicine In the 20th Century” Francois Leuret Documented many accounts miraculous cures.

    4) Quantum DNA experiments proved that emotions changes the DNA inside our body.Genetic scientist claiming that biology is not controlled by genes but by the belief systems (epigenetic control).

    5) Phychokinesys: Moving objects with your mind.

    All the above facts posing us with many questions which science could not answer.

    Modern world is still under deep influence of Newtonian physics.we are all forgetful of the fact that the mind is the matrix of matter.Even though Doctors not admitting openly in view of lobby of drug industry, it is a fact that 1/3 of medical healing is due to positive belief system.

    Is the act of government reflects Tughlaq administration as ridiculed by the lok satta? The leader of lok satta is in direct public life for more than 13 years. He could not influence the people significantly, in spite of the fact that he is being featured in all Television programs almost ever day. On the other hand the chief minister with his innovative people oriented programmes could able to win the hearts of people twice. Then which is tughlaq leadership? Everybody has right to express their feelings including lok satta, but it should not hurt the feelings of others.

    The action of the government is intended to benefit the people at large. Any effort on this direction is good for the state.Intention is important rather than means. Nobody is free from fault. Let us learn to appreciate positive acts of anybody including the C.M.Our political leadership forgotten this age old wisdom.