Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Politics of Competitive disruption Must end: Dr. JP (Telugu)

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  1. Today Dr.JP sir has came out with majority of peoples' voice. Common man life will not change in anyway if seperate telangana forms or not. Flase movements done by some false politicians are disturbing common man's life. One bad thing is students are misused in this false movements. My brother has got M.com., 2nd semister exams from 24th nov,09 but, because of this confliction his exams were postponed and till now those exams were not conducted. After exams he planned for his own employment programme that was also now stopped. If a movement cannot lead people in right way what for that movement is for. Really today a strong weapon media is also misleading people. It can go to any corner of the state, they can collect peoples' opinion by conducting local meetings in every city and can send to Govt. of India those opinions. It is unnecessarily conducting meetings in the studios with leaders. I mean it should consult directly people not people's representatives. Today very few representatives give exact opinion of people. Many of them will give their own opinion.

    I request Loksatta to conduct such programmes by which direct peoples' opinion can be collected.

    I thank Dr. JP sir for expressing our peoples voice once again. I don't know when our people learn lessons. They will always elect leaders who will make loss to their lives but not good.

    I pray god for peace and harmony in Andhra Pradesh.

    Rajasree Pendyala