Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lok Satta opposes SC status to Dalit Christians and Muslims (Telugu)


  1. Hello Sir, First Remove all the reservations and then India will be developed.We are humans there should be no caste feelings between us please do that but please dont try to raise the issue again towards the reservations....

    Thank You

  2. I really appreciate the intiative of loksatta on opposing in this issue inspite of so much risk .But the party men should take a drive to reach this ideas in understandable manner to youth.

  3. the concept adding 10 marks to poor students, is relavent in the current scenario as an immediate justice to them. But, it would become again like reservations for vote bank politics. If you have high and same quality of free education irrespective of region, why should have this concept adding 10 marks. Lets only target high and same quality of free education irrespective region, rather than 10 marks. In the current politic trends, the politicians will start with 10 marks, and then it may go up to 20 marks to buy more votes. It will end,.....you don't ve do any education, you just vote we would give certificates