Tuesday, April 6, 2010

No place for violence in Democracy: Dr. JP

Lok Satta President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today expressed his shock and grief over the naxalite mine blast and shooting in Chattisgarh, in which a large number of CRPF jawans were killed or maimed.

In a statement released to the media, Dr. JP reiterated his party’s stand that there is no place for violence in a democracy. Any issue, however intractable it may seem, can be resolved through dialogue and discussion. If any issue defies a solution, the contenders in a democracy should go to people and seek their verdict through the ballot box.

Dr. JP pointed out that violence has been flaring up in different parts of the country on some issue or the other because of a disconnect between State Governments and people. Chief Ministers have become modern day monarchs thanks to centralization of power in their hands. People should be empowered and made partners in governance through devolution of powers and resources on the third tier of government. “Otherwise, we have to get reconciled to people alienated from the Government resorting to violence.”

Dr. JP said it was high time the Government of India realized that law and order maintenance is primarily the duty of State Governments. The Union Government should help the States discharge their duty by providing resources, personnel, and intelligence and not attempt to supplant them.

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