Sunday, December 5, 2010

Governments dare not ignore farmers If they stand united: Dr. JP (Telugu)

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  1. I am appreciating farmers and farmer’s leaders for putting confidence on him and elected as convener for Independent farmers union in village level.

    Dr. JP will not take any decision / push out his opinion on any issue simple and situational for formality on that time to convince some people without supreme thinking and also he did not commit on any issue if he don’t have confidence on it.

    Once express his decision , opinion and committed on any issue means he will stand on that until reach his goal . once reach his destination only he will stop his journey.

    So I had above confidence on Dr. JP based on his previous fights on several issues and got the results .

    Here also farmers will stand and support him until complete journey means he will lead the farmers and thrive the farmers problems. Here there is no doubt him. Ultimately he will show the result.

    But farmers be unite, have good confident and at any level / stage should not split due to the gimmicks of this traditional parties and its leaders. Definitely traditional parties will play game with farmers so farmers should aware about that and be careful and should not turn back until reach their target …