Friday, January 28, 2011

Lok Satta Party Launching Membership Drive (Telugu)


  1. Wrong time to launch membership drive

  2. we are Observing what is happening with these traditional parties still if we are hangering means there is no meaning.

    This is only bad we will move / attract towards bad and believe no. 1 cheaters easily …. But I don’t know why we are very keenly observe and after perfect scrutinize also we will suspect to believe that good things and persons…

    In this case political parties see since how long this traditional parties cheating innocent people if we think we know the fact but we are not doing that…. Why ?

    To take membership or donate to one good person / organization is it necessary one good “muhurtham what ? here friend Mr. Aravind said wrong time launch for membership drive.

    For good things there is no time when we feel some thing good at the same time we should catch that …. Otherwise that is also wrong … mean time bad people will become strong.

    Lets start join hand with Mr. JP et “LOKSATTA PART “ to save our country from this man-eaters ( traditional parties and its leaders )

    Jai Loksatta , long live Mr. JP leadership….

  3. Thanks for calling for donate .... my self doing and also encouraging my friends also to do the same... within short period we will contribute one good amount.

    before also i contributed ... now also will do ... and will continue in future also...

    As a responsible citizen common man should feed this party because we are not expecting some rowdies, sara contractors , big corrupter's first thing this is not our party policy .

    we are financial poor but we are very strong in Genuine service to the people than the present traditional parties .

    we are guiding and educating people this sara parties deceiving people ... and also keeping them as illiterate