Monday, October 10, 2011

Lok Satta action plan to make an impact in 200 constituencies

The Lok Satta Party has drawn up an action plan to strengthen itself organizationally in 100 towns and 400 mandals covering some 200 Andhra Pradesh Assembly constituencies by March 2012. The party has also decided to enter into discussions with all political forces and organizations as part of its plan to present an alternative to traditional parties in the 2014 Assembly elections.

Giving this information in a media statement, Lok Satta Party Working President D. V. V. S. Varma said that the leadership summit the party conducted on its fifth anniversary at Ongole on October 8 and 9 formed sub-committees to mount sustained agitations on public issues.

Mr. Varma pointed out that traditional parties, which are responsible for centralizing power and perpetuating poverty, are straining every nerve to come back to power although they are not equipped to address the crisis facing the State. Steeped in corruption and trading charges against each other, the traditional parties have become part of the problem, he said.

In contrast, Mr. Varma said, the Lok Satta Party would approach the public with its specific agenda including empowerment of local governments, employment of youth, eradication of corruption, justice to farmers, and restriction of liquor consumption.

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  1. Keep going lok satta. we all are with you and we would do our best to create awareness about loksatta and its ideology. LOK SATTA is going to from the govt in next elections.