Tuesday, November 1, 2011

ద్వేషం, వివక్ష లేని సమాజాన్ని నిర్మిద్దాం: జేపీ


  1. how many days you will tell the stories . first fight aginst Andhra to solve the Telangana issues then we will stay united...

  2. JP's views should be appreciated when we truely love our people. The point is not united or seperate and the fight should not be against any region. The real culprits of backwardness or the other complaints are the politicians and the bureaucrats who unabashedly violated their constitutional duties and looted their areas. They should be questioned and be given their due locally in every region. The true remedy lies in structural change of politics and administration.Power should reach people with massive decentralization. As long as we don't understand these facts or pretend otherwise for our selfish ends, people like JP should reiterate the same appeal. As Gandhi famously writes in his biography, Truth and Non-violnece are nothing new. They are as old as hills. Lok Satta should be appreciated for performing its duty consistently for empowering people to the last citizen. We should encourge sanity, allow reasoned debate and fight to transform political system, if we have genuine love for our people.