Sunday, September 9, 2012

Lost a mentor: Dr. JP on Dr. Kurien

Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan described Dr. Verghese Kurien as one of the great heroes of modern India. “Dr. Kurien’s work deepened my understanding of rural India and inspired and propelled me into fighting for the rural poor and farmers. I have lost a great mentor,” said Dr. JP in a media statement.

Dr. Kurien was unique among the first generation Indian professionals and managers who devoted his energy, skill and knowledge with rare passion for organizing rural Indians for their economic emancipation. By conceiving and executing Operation Flood with extraordinary success, Dr. Kurien heralded the milk revolution in India. His genius lay in enabling the small farmer to accept capital, technology, market and management skills through the cooperative organization.

Dr. JP recalled that the pioneering Mutually Aided Cooperatives Act of 1995, which aims at making cooperatives self-reliant and autonomous, was inspired by Dr. Kurien.

The nation has lost a towering personality, champion of farmers, and devout supporter of autonomous cooperatives.

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  1. Fully endorse JP's comment. In the dreary landscape of India, Kurien stood out as a good, honest, competent man. Never compromised. My thoughts here: