Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lok Satta wants PM to intervene and end unhealthy controversies

Lok Satta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today demanded that Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh intervene immediately and put an end to the drift in governance and damage to the country’s credibility in the wake of the controversy over Mr. Robert Vadra-DLF land deals and the allegations against a trust being run by Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid and his wife. The controversies are not in the interest of either the country or the economy, he added.

In a media statement, Dr. JP suggested that the Prime Minister order a credible and independent inquiry into the two issues and put an end to name calling, abuse and invective being indulged in by all the concerned. The Haryana Government should simultaneously institute a credible inquiry into the property deals.

On Mr. Salman Khurshid’s threat to India Against Corruption leader Arvind Kejriwal, Dr. JP said that Ministers should realize they represent the entire country and not their party or themselves. Their utterances should be in tune with the oath they take under which they should function without fear or favor and ill will or prejudice. Instead of reacting in a calm, reassuring, mature and balanced manner, Ministers and spokespersons of the Government are resorting to threats and invective and indulging in harsh and crude language. They are shooting themselves in the foot. Their utterances are not only morally wrong but are also undermining the authority of the Government.

Dr. JP said that all of us including civil society, political parties and media should exercise restraint and ensure that wrong doers are punished after due process of law. Kangaroo courts and snap judgments should give way to a calm, balanced and sober discussion based on evidence and logic. We must de-emphasize individuals and focus on the broader political and governance crisis undermining the country.

Dr. JP said: “In a sensible democracy, a party should be above individuals and the nation above political parties. Sadly now, we have put individuals above political parties and parties above the nation.”

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