Friday, January 4, 2013

అక్బరుద్దీన్ తన వ్యాఖ్యలను బహిరంగంగా ఉపసంహరించుకోవాలి: లోక్ సత్తా


  1. So wat happens..??
    He breached the law and just say sorry being a MLA.
    What about socalled Law taking it's our course??

  2. can any muslim say it in u.s.a or in any european country..they will just kill him like a dog...because they knew democracy means not slavery to any so called religions..and they have national spirit..!!! we r just cowards ..accept it ..or quit..!

  3. The language which he used is bad,but it is reciprocation to RSS . There is no difference between Hindu organisations speeches and in his speech.
    Why RSS is not banned after more than 60 years of successfull hatred and conspiracies against indian muslims.
    Muslims should not ask it because they are minoritties, Where this word coming from? You mean they are not indians.
    When constitution is saying everybody is equal, then why do we have minorities,majorities,diff. classes.
    so majorities will run this country (actually they are less than 10% in number) other sections 90% in number will be ruled as slaves.
    This is what happening in other countries also?

    1. First get some name your self so one can address you properly.
      * "There is no difference between Hindu ": Partially or fully agree up to certain case, but non-minorities get arrested, and some are convicted including ministers (Gujrat) who ever proven convicted as per law.

  4. Mr.KIra Ch , i don't think i need a name to address a issue. You know poeple will add context to the persons depending upon the name.
    we have seen what happened to RAM jetmalani etc ...
    Yeah , you are right few are convicted after long long time. but countless muslims are convicted for nothing and spent and still spending in jails because they are muslims.
    Don't you accept when any Bomb blast happens everybody look at muslims.