Tuesday, June 25, 2013

కళ లక్షల గుండెల్ని కదిలిస్తుంది

Courtesy: Eenadu

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  1. The recent budget (2013-14) sessions of Andhra Pradesh Assembly once again proved that the non-violent naxalite party Lok Satta alone can achieve the Surajya agenda, whether in partisan or non-partisan way.

    While the chief minister Kiran Kumar acting like a sarpanch intentionally encouraged stalling of the assembly, the opposition leader Chandra Babu, almost avoided the budget sessions (he spoke only for 4 minitues in the house) and kept himself busy in copying YS Rajasekhar Reddy and Narendra Modi through padayatra and publicity halchals. Leave aside Surajya agenda, these two major parties did not even bother about their minimum constitutional responsibility of discussion on Rs.1,61,348 crore state budget.

    Except Lok Satta’s contribution nothing seems worth mentioning about the present assembly. Lok Satta JP took every opportunity to bring to the notice of the house and public, the issues and practical solutions related to Surajya and change the direction of the governance. Dr. strived hard to compel or convince the government to act in Surajya way.

    Fortunately or unfortunately we have the opportunity to watch the assembly proceedings in live. Unless we understand the developments, speeches and debates in the assembly and start voting for the right party and right candidates in the coming elections, we cannot resolve the mounting political crisis and achieve Surajya. No matter who wins or who loses, vote for the right only hereafter.