Friday, February 20, 2015

Loksatta is the right platform for youth to pursue politics: Dr JP

Loksatta Party National President Surendra Srivastava, National General Secretary Ms. Hyma Potineni along with Founder of Loksatta, Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan addressed media in Hyderabad today.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan briefed the press persons about the whopping response to the ‘Loksatta Youth Army Drive’ of Loksatta party that was launched on 14th February in Hyderabad. 1000 students joined the party, 150 of whom were invited to interact with the leaders and formally welcomed into the party. Dr. JP said “Politics is no longer a dirty word. Today’s youth look at Loksatta Party as the right platform to pursue politics and steer the nation in the right direction. The love and affection that young people show keeps me going. I am thrilled to invite all these young men and women into Loksatta. This is now your party!” “Education Skills, employment, healthcare and incomes constitute true welfare; not short-term freebies”. Dr JP declared. Lok Satta’s politics is about ending poverty; not perpetuating poverty and using the poor as vote banks”, he said.

Mr. Surendra Srivastava, National President, announced that Loksatta is now the default party of the youth. “All changes are being made to make Loksatta the preferred platform of the young and bright citizens of India. The new National Team, the various functional teams, state structures, party programs and decision making is being transferred to young hands and minds. My sole aim is to ignite young minds so they can grow as political leaders in Loksatta, taking charge of the future of India. Other parties select leaders based on caste and lineage, money and vote banks. Loksatta welcomes the brightest and best young who are willing to serve the country as volunteers and leaders. When the youth of India win, it is a victory for India!”, he added.

Mr. Srivastava concluded his remarks by adding that, “In 2015, citizens of India are looking at political parties to address the biggest concerns facing them –employment, safety, and environment. Politics of traditional parties that divide people with caste/religion/region/language are no longer viable for today’s generation and BJP will follow Congress in few years if it doesn’t learn lessons from Delhi. Loksatta is the answer for India's progress with the right mix of pro people and pro jobs policies, and it is heartening that the youngsters of Hyderabad see that too! Mr. Bandaru Rama Mohana Rao and Mr. Dosapaty Ramu have taken this message successfully to the people."

Mr. Dosapaty Ramu, Greater Hyderabad Unit President who lead the Loksatta Youth Army Drive in various parts of Hyderabad said, “The youth of Hyderabad have always had a special affection and respect for Loksatta. It is a natural platform for them.”

Mr Sambi Reddy, Special Emissary to National President, Mr Bheesetti Babji the new Interim Caretaker for Loksatta AP State, Vasantha Gullapalli Chairperson NODC, Tara, Chairperson NSPDMC and Srinivas, Chairperson NCC also participated in the press meet.

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