Sunday, April 5, 2015

Loksatta Party, with Youth and Women, is going to be the alternative at National level

A new energy, direction and sense of purpose chalked out at the party plenary

“A new and energized Loksatta Party will focus all its energies on enrolling lakhs of new members and emerge as a mass party for youth and women. “ Dr. JP said. Under the chairmanship of national president Mr. Surendra Srivastava the three day national council meet has discussed the action plan, and taken resolutions on organizational strategies to achieve this goal. The conclave was attended by 200 delegates across 9 states.

Though Loksatta Party, with its unmatched ideology and orientation towards sustainable reforms, is influencing the national political discourse, it is so far limited to Telugu speaking states. Therefore, Dr. JP opined that there is a dire need for the party to expand its scope and turf to the entire nation by putting the national interest to the fore. It is therefore imperative that the party national council has convened here in Hyderabad and conducted its plenary for 3 days, under the chairmanship of party national president Surendra Srivastava. A wide range of issues have been discussed and some important decisions were made in the lines of organizational matters, electoral stances and leadership development etc. Party has decided to ensure that youth and woman should be inducted into the party and give them leadership by identifying the best talent, to transform this party into an alternative political party that truly represents the aspirations of youth and women of current society. Not only that, but also Loksatta Party is going to be the natural platform for weaker sections of the society where problems of such sections will be taken and fought head on. Apart from AP, Telangana, Maharastra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Delhi, where Loksatta Party already has its presence, we are now trying to spread our base in states like MP, UP and Bihar.

Founder president Dr. JP, national president Surendra Srivastava, national general secretary Ms. Hyma Potineni have spoken to the media today, and explained about the details of this plenary that went on for 3 days starting from April 3, 2015. Party president from Telangana state Mr. Bandaru Ram Mohan Rao, National chairperson for communications committee Mr. Srinivas Alavilli also have participated in this meeting. On the eve of the conclave dr. JP and Surendra have launched Loksatta e-paper.

Swachh Bharat:

Speaking to the council members, Dr. JP has opined that the current BJP government at the center has failed in having a clear national vision for policies on health, education, farming and decentralization of local governments. Dr.JP criticized that Swachh Bharat, which is the brain child of BJP, has become a PR campaign rather than a sustainable effort to instill a sense of cleanliness in public and private sector. He also demanded BJP govt. that it should not limit itself to lip service but convert its intent into action. A mere PR campaign can only catch some eyeballs but the purpose is all lost when the local governments completely fail in implementing it. Therefore, Loksatta Party will expose this hypocrisy and pressurize the BJP government to take swachh bharat campaign seriously.

Loksatta Party – A party by youth and women

National president Mr. Surendra Srivastava has categorically stated that Loksatta Party has come up with some structural changes and is now ready to become as a default platform for youth and woman. A new membership program is launched where any supporter of Loksatta Party can now become a member with Zero rupee membership fee. He also opined that LSP has been very systematic in approach but without electoral results, so from now on LSP will be practical in approach to make some tactics to convert the public support into electoral victories.

Bihar assembly elections:

Loksatta Party has stepped into Bihar and formed its unit and decided to fight in the forthcoming assembly elections. Party National president Mr. Surendra Srivastava has appointed Captain Sudhir Sinha (9810259539) as convener and Dr. Ravindranath Shukla (9801380270) as co-convener of Bihar unit of the party.


Party National general secretary Hyma Potineni stated that the BJP government has failed miserably in implementing the Nirbhaya Act. The anger of men and women regarding safety is ever increasing with incidents like the rape of a 14 year old girl in Visakhapatnam that surfaced lately yesterday. LSP will not stop fighting until India is safe for all sections of the society. LSP will fight for effective utilization of Nirbhaya Fund of Rs 2,000 crores.

Loksatta party Telangana president Mr. Bandaru Rammohan Rao criticized that the TRS government, which came into power with the promise of employment to the youth, has miserably failed in fulfilling the aspirations of the youth. He demanded that the government should immediately issue the notification for the vacant government posts. He also demanded that the state government should initiate action towards creating jobs and providing employment in private sector as well. Loksatta party has already been fighting and will not rest until Telangana state achieves its real goal of Jana Telangana.

2nd Phase of Telugu Bhavita:

As part of the Telugu Bhavita agitation that Loksatta Party took during last month, the council has decided to continue the 2nd phase of Telugu Bhavita program by reiterating its demands that AP government should immediately come up with a white paper with details of revenue deficit, and that the central government must give tax waiver for industries.

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