Wednesday, June 10, 2015

JP'S Challenge To Chandrababu Naidu

Mr.Chandra Babu, Don't hide behind inane technical points. Don't project your problem as people's problem. If the voice is not fabricated and proved to be yours, will you resign?

Instead of dealing with the real day to day issues and problems concerning people and governance, today, the five crore scam to buy just one MLA's vote is rocking both the Telugu States. The leadership in both the States is acting as if it is a non-issue and no-holds-barred attempts are being made to hoodwink people of the enormity of this criminal activity. Efforts are on to create a war like situation between the people of the two States to cover up their greed for power and pelf, Dr. JP stated today. He further said that Chandrababu is trying to wriggle out of the unpleasant situation by saying first that this was not his voice and secondly, as tapping was illegal, Court wouldn't take cognizance of the evidence and so on. Should the CM of a State stoop so low as to hide behind such technicalites and try to escape? Is he not aware of the serious implications of the dirty events on display before the nation in such a shameless manner? Dr.JP questioned whether the standards to decide the culpability of a lowly criminal and the standards to decide the stature of a CM and party top leader in public life be the same. He challenged the CM of AP whether he would resign from his post if it is proved that the voice is his only and not fabricated.

Mr.Chandrababu is manipulating the issue by equating his personal problem as that of the people and the State. He tried to sensatioanalise the issue by referring to it again and again in the meeting of the Maha Sankalpa Deeksha on 8th June,as the pain of the people of AP. Nothing can be farther from truth. This case of Chandrababu's note for vote does not concern the people of AP in any way. It is his and his problem alone and he and his corrupt party MLAs are responsible for the imbroglio. His attempt to paint it as an insult to AP people is a shameful act. People who voted for him have got nothing to do with his immoral practices. People in the two States are reeling under regional prejudices and the need of the hour is to douse the fire of hatred by fostering brotherhood among the divided people, Dr. JP added that attempts should be made earnestly to conduct a proper inquiry into the ugly incident. It does not behove the stature of a CM to rouse passions and a true leader is he who tries to make his people see reason.

JP addressed the Media on Tuesday, in connection with the events in which a TDP MLA, Revanth Reddy tried to buy the vote of Mr.Stefensen, a nominated Member offering him 5 crores, the leaking of tapes comprising Mr. Chandrababu's alleged conversation with Stefenson, the role of Telangana CM Mr.K.ChandraShekar Rao in encouraging defectors and so on.

Addressing the Media, JP highlighted the fact that five crores of rupees is such a huge amount that it is more than the combined annual income of 500 ordinary Indians. Chandrababu Naidu reiterated in the meeting of the Sankalpa Deeksha that the State is totally brankrupt. If the State is bankrupt, how can its rulers spend five precious crores of people's hard earned tax money to buy an MLA's vote? It is like the MD of a company spending crores of rupees lavishly for his personal comfort and gain, when the company is reeling under the burden of unbearable debt and when Banks are not willing to come to its rescue any more. Though the State is totally bankrupt, the personal accounts of our political leaders are overflowing with crores and crores of rupees. Is it not clear that the leaders are robbing the people of the State for their personal gain? And to hide it from people and with a view to deceive them, they are trying to project it as if it is some entertainment for the people and thereby rousing their passions to resort to violence and hatred. JP reminded the fact that it was Chandrababu who first introduced money politics in the State and later it was Rajsekhar Reddy who encouraged it more and more. If in today's politics, money is playing such an ugly role in such gigantic proportions, the credit or discredit goes to these two corrupt politicians.

Dr.JP stated that he examined very minutely the contents of the Sankalpa Deeksha speech of the CM of AP, and he demanded answers to the point, to the following questions on Note for Vote scam.

1. Chandrababu garu, whatever be the other deatils, did an MLA of your Party try to buy a vote in the Legislative Council's elections?

2. If this had happened, did it happen with your approval or without your approval?
Without your encouragement and approval, can an MLA give five crores on his own, for just one MLC's seat for your Party?

3. If the said MLA bought the vote without your knowledge, why didn't you take immediate action against him? Even though, he acted without your permission or knowledge and even though it would affect the future prospects and credibility of your Party, why did you not take any action against him?

4. Sometime back when a gentleman like Bangaru Laxman took just one lakh rupees in cash as donation for his Party, he had to resign from the post of Party President. If that is so, here when five crores are involved, how is it no action is taken against the MLA so far? Have politics come to such a pass now?

5. As regards your audio tape, the courts will decide whether it is phone-tapping or string operation or recording or whatever. You are saying that it is a fabricated case of cut and paste job from different places. Whether it is a case of phone-tapping or recording, Courts will decide whether these can be used as evidence in a criminal case. Are you degrading yourself to an ordinary petty criminal? Sitting in the high seat of Chief Minister, shouldn't you be demanding and setting high standards in politics?


Drawing the attention of the Media to the fact that Chandrababu Naidu took the name of Late Sri NT Rama Rao umpteen times in his Sankalpa Deeksha speech, Dr.JP stated that NT Rama Rao could make so many Rajya Sabha MPs to win without spending even 100 rupees. Chandrababu Naidu talked about NDA also in his speech JP recollected that in the Jain Hawala case, just because his initials LKA were mentioned against a donation of 5 lakh rupees, even though it was just an unproven insinuation, LK Advani tendered his resignation.He did not bother to ask whether it was recording or phone-tapping or whether there was any proof. LK Advani simply declared that he wouldl not come back to active politics till his innocence was proved beyond any doubt. Our former Prime Minister, Late Shri P.V.Narasimha Rao stood before the Court as an accused in the JMM bribery case, even though there was not even an iota of evidence about his involvement. JP questioned as to what high moral standards are being followed by Chandrababu who declares himself as an heir of Anna Hazare and Gandhi Bapu. In 2014, because of the TINA (there is no alternative) factor, dreading the rule of YCP and Jagan, people had to, per force, vote for Chandrababu. Going from pan to fire, people have to lament the fact now, that Chandrababu has become a bigger threat than Jagan.


Mr. K. Chandra Sekhar Rao, how did you manage to get 77 MLAs now?

KCR garu, when people voted for only 65 TRS MLAs, how come, you have 77 MLAs in your kitty now? If BSP candidates joined TRS, JP wondered when Ms. Mayavati merged her Party with TRS. You have honoured 4 Congress MLAs, 2 BSP MLAs, 2 YCP MLAs, 10 Congress MLCs and 5 TDP MLAs with your Gulabi Kanduvas (pink angavastram - the official colour of TRS). With such a blatant act, where is the need for morality, fair elections, etc.?

Turning the focus on to Chandrababu again, JP stated that the CM of AP got the MPs of Nandyala and Kurnoon into his Party, following identical modus operandi of KCR. If these candidates defect to the Party against which they contested, is it not a betrayal of faith of the people who voted against the said Party? If the Speaker does not bother to take action against such shameless defectors, JP wondered where DEMOCRACY is gone.

Both KCR and CB Naidu are resorting to street level fighting, publicly stating that both have their respective ACB and Police forces, as if these institutions are their personal fifedom and private armies. JP said that this indeed is a very dangerous trend. Forgetting the basic fact that they are mere elected representatives in a democracy, these two are behaving as if they are monarchs and as if these two States are their inherited Kingdoms.
In his sankalpa deeksha speech, Chandrababu is seen to be inciting people to take direct action, in case if something happens to him. The personal feud of these two should not become a curse or bane to the innocent people of the two Telugu States and ignite violence and hatred between them. People should be alert and aware of the fact that the Courts will decide the fact of the matter based on the evidence. Once the institutions of ACB and Police are stamped as Andhra and/or Telangana, even if they were to act impartially, there is every danger of blaming them as partisan and hence JP demanded that this note for vote case should be investigated by the CBI under the active supervision of Lokpal.


JP has said that for the last 20 years, he has been fighting relentlessly for political reforms and Loksatta could bring about some key reforms even without politica lpower. To a question from Media, JP reiterated his view that individuals are not important. He said that it was Loksatta who could get the 122 licences cancelled in the 2G spectrum case, after painstakingly collecting the necessary evidence and using the same to protect the institutions and the precious national revenues. He said that Loksatta will continue to fight corruption to the best of its ability even though its resources are meagre. Presently, people have resigned themselves to their fate that spending crores and crores to garner votes as a normal and accepted part of their life. This note for vote scam should be viewed as an important opportunity to usher in the much needed change in society. If you think that change and reforms are unnecessary,if you don't mind electing corrupt people, then you need not talk about constitutional niceties and ethical politics.

JP said that he believes in the wisdom and sagacity of common people. Electing Chief Ministers directly in the States, proportional representation at the national level, empowering local bodies, ensuring autonomy to ACBs and the CBI, a strong Lokayukta, confiscation of ill-gotten assets of criminals, are some of the important reforms that Lokstta wants to usher in. JP expressed his hope that if these are implemented in letter and spirit, money power in politics can be curbed to a large extent.

Mr Solkar Reddy, General Secretary , Loksatta Party Telangana State Unit, Mr. Dosapati Ramu, President, Loksatta GHMC, Mr B Sambi Reddy,General Secretary Loksatta GHMC, Ms. G.Vasanta, Chairperson, National Organisation Development Committee participated in the media briefing.

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  1. This is 100% real voice of Mr. Babu. He has been doing corruption for decades and was very clever in managing all constitutional bodies and get away with his looty. Unfortunately, he's caught red handed in a recent case. He should be punished and we should all strive to save democracy. These people act as if they are the only patented people for honesty in India and behing the screen loot lacs of crores of public money.