Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lok Satta Extending Job Melas to Greater Hyderabad

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  1. This is the real service wonderful attention towards common men requirement..

    In this state et country media should focus on this …. They should tell the public what is meaning of real politics and political parties and leaders ….. in Dr JP point of view politics means it is an accurate arrangement to make the arrangements for the people of that country. A real political party means a real non-profit motive and service oriented societies which is established to do the better service its public. Leader means the person who will deliver utmost services to his people and who will provide all requirements to live with protection for lives and livelihood and who drive his people to go a head with confident be idol to others that person is the leader in that place people will live in cheerfulness…..

    Now we have to think this where we can find this situation ….. I am sure this settings only we can find in Lok satta party and that leadership qualities only with Mr. Dr Jayaprakash Narayana. His party and his ideology is people aspirations, people necessities … to fulfill that he and his party workers fighting day and night .. at the same time what is ruling party doing , opposition parties doing and what opportunists doing this state people has to understand . present media should tell facts … to the public.