Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lok Satta Times March 16th - 31st 2011

Lok Satta times March 16th-31st, 2011 can be downloaded from the following link


  1. Everybody need to read this fortnight edition of loksatta times, it is with 100% detailed information of the private ports allocation to private parties.I think nobody is thinking seriously how our natural resources are being looted and granted at great amount to private people and making our country a capatalist more than american govt policy, and taking back the country under zaminder system gradually in the name of SEZ's. Once should understand the situation how serious it is getting especially in AP in all these 7 years of present government time all the public/our land (i.e. govt land) was given away to private parties, and now they are falling on poor farmers with 1 or 2 acres living a peaceful life with in comforts not even depending upon the govt. schemes and policies and who is not increasing unemployment because he is self employed with what he had.

  2. If any one of you have read the yesterdays article in eenadu paper about the farmers who had given their lands for these SEZ's and their situation after the loss of their farm land and self employment you will understand the severity of this article more

  3. This should also be in English for others' benefit.