Tuesday, March 20, 2012

ఖమ్మం స్కూలు బస్సు దుర్ఘటన పట్ల జేపీ తీవ్ర దిగ్భ్రాంతి


  1. Sir,
    You are right.The acts must be implemented strictly by whom so ever. Especially emergency services like roads,hospitals,fire,police etc.penaly to be imposed on culprits heavily and immediately. Justice delayed is justice denyed attitde is not at all acceptable at modern technological generation.

  2. The rules have to be strict enough to make the drivers be aware and above everything, it's education (common edu)that lacks in India that results in such stuff...
    Even religions do need to have uniformity all over its followers and mere punishments do not end in a permanent +ve change...
    It's education.. :)