Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Call for Participation in Lok Satta Party Internal Elections 2013

Dear friends,

Lok Satta Party embarked on the exciting and for contemporary India, unfamiliar, journey of the Internal Party democracy. The central challenge is to progressively build a viable, sustainable, ethical, member-driven political platform. In a hierarchical and power-centered society it takes a lot of patience and perseverance to build democratic culture and practices.

I urge all active and executive members to participate in the election. Let there be healthy and vigorous competition. But the end goal is not winning - it is to participate and strengthen the platform to achieve the goals for India. All of us believe in rule of law, decentralization, ethics in public life, effective service delivery, opportunities for vertical mobility for all citizens irrespective of birth, high-quality infrastructure and rapid economic growth. For us, politics is a means to achieving these goals. We must never succumb to the dangerous notion that personal power or party power is an end. Our internal elections are a means to the larger end.

I am aware some members are genuinely concerned about avoidable errors in electoral rolls of the party. This is only a beginning. We shall all learn from this experience, and make the process as perfect as is humanly possible. It is this constant quest for improvement which strengthens institutions. But for the time-being the impossible best should not become the enemy of the possible good. An ounce of concerted action is better than a ton of contemplation and endless debate.

I urge everybody to make this election in the party a healthy, participative and fruitful exercise in the service of Indian democracy.

Best wishes,

Jayaprakash Narayan

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