Sunday, September 15, 2013

ఇకనైనా ఆలోచించి అడుగేయండి

Courtesy: Eenadu


  1. People in Seema and Coastal Andhra are appreciating the courageous appeal of Lok Satta JP to the agitating employees to call-off bandhs, Rastha rokos and express their concerns on division of state peacefully and creatively. Government employees and lawyers whose job is mainly serve the public, once again acted against the interests of Telugu people by obstructing Telugu Tejam mission of Lok Satta.

    Many of the agitators asked - Did Lok Satta campaign in Telangana for united A.P as it is doing now in Seema and Coastal Andhra over the concerns on the division of state? They conveniently forgot that they voted for Congress, TDP and YCP, the three main parties who took stand for separate Telangana. So you won’t have any moral right to ask against separate Telangana.

    For Lok Satta, formation or union of states is not an issue. It is neither catastrophe nor panacea, the party said. That is why Lok Satta said, it has no objection for formation of Telangana. When people of Telangana repeatedly expressed their strong wish in bypolls for Telangana, Lok Satta stretched its stand and said, it welcomes formation of Telangana as part of comprehensive and amicable solution. As the parties in power and main opposition at the centre and state - Congress, BJP , TDP, YCP are for Telangana, and people of Seema and Coastal Andhra voted for them, Lok Satta welcomed formation of Telangana.

    But Lok Satta objected the way the centre announced the formation of Telangana even without trying to reconcile conflicting interests. That is why Lok Satta started Telugu Tejam to evolve a comprehensive and amicable solution to the crisis in state. You voted for the parties which promised state division and now obstructing Lok Satta Party which embarked on a mission to preserve and promote the pride and glory of Telugus, now endangered by the Delhi decision to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh. Did you give mandate to Lok Satta, which would have solved the issue amicably even in 2009? Atleast you did not support Dr.JP when repeatedly demanded for discussion on the issue in AP assembly and resolve it in our state only. By interrupting Telugu Tejam, the socalled agitators did enormous damage to the interests of Telugu people. Dr.JP showed statesmanship by postponing Telugu Tejam temporarily. It is paradoxical that some leaders from Telangana also criticized Telugu Tejam. Both sides with enemity criticizing Lok Satta means - what Lok Satta saying is true. Soon people of Telangana, Seema and Coastal Andhra will understatnd these truths and extend explicit support for Telugu Tejam in a big way.

  2. Now. The govt. has to survey for under developed areas and try to encourage establish factories and provision of amenities etc. atleast now onwards.Hyderabad is big city is not having proper cleanly roads even today. pathholes are not filled up causing accidents.