Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dr.JP unveils formula for resolving AP crisis

Lok Satta Party national President and Member of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today unveiled a comprehensive solution that addresses the concerns of all the three regions in the State.

In his address to the Assembly on the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Bill and interaction with media personnel and party supporters later, Dr. JP expressed his unequivocal support for the formation of Telangana.

Dr. JP pointed out that Andhra Pradesh has lost a decade because of bickering over Telangana. “Enough is enough. We should not let others make us fight like cats and dogs. Years of strife and stress have cost the State dearly. We cannot have another decade of paralysis and decline.”

Dr. JP reiterated that the manner in which the Union Government sought to divide Andhra Pradesh is dictatorial and unilateral and that almost all parties have been guilty of exploiting the political crisis for narrow political gains, unmindful of people’s interests. Now, that Telangana formation is round the corner, it is necessary for all political parties to focus their energies on ensuring justice to all the three regions in the State.

Dr. JP’s comprehensive solution calls for addressing revenue deficits of Seemandhra and firm and time-bound commitments for Telangana development.

Dr. JP’s formula for Seemandhra development calls for making commitments to infrastructure mandatory, firm and charged to the Government of India, setting up of educational institutes (IIT/IIM/AIMS/IIIT/Tribal University) within a stipulated time frame and guaranteed commitment to Polavaram irrrigation project and Ramayapatnam port.

The formula seeks Special Category Status to Rayalaseema region which will be badly impacted in terms of revenue by the State’s bifurcation. While Hyderabad city had Rs.13,000 crore revenue surplus Rayalaseema had Rs.7,000 crore deficit (4 districts, 15 million population)during 2012-13. The proposed pay revision this year would take Rayalaseema’s deficit to Rs.9,000 crore. The region will not have enough revenue to pay even staff salaries.

The Special Category status will turn Rayalaseema into a tax haven in that there will be Central excise and corporate income tax exemptions. Although there are 11 Special Category States in India, there is none in the peninsular India. Being on the Chennai-Bangalore corridor, the resource-poor Rayalaseema can be the new Dubai attracting investments from all southern and western States. All Telugu-speaking people and the entire peninsular India will gain.

“But sadly no political party is remotely worried or concerned about these issues. As Lok Satta rightly believes, this is not the time for playing out political games for petty considerations. The only solution out of this mess created by the UPA at the Centre and all other political parties in the State who are only interested in their political gains, is significant focus towards development of both Seemandhra, including Rayalaseema, and Telangana. A big part of this can get solved by converting Rayalaseema from a deficit- ridden region into a land of opportunity,” said Dr. JP.

Dr. JP’s formula calls for firm and time-bound Central commitments for Telangana development.

Dr. JP said that the formula he has outlined will create a win-win situation for all the three regions of the State and facilitate their socio-economic growth.

Dr. JP said that the AP Bifurcation Bill carries provisions which are patently unconstitutional. Its provisions for residuary Andhra Pradesh are vague and non-binding. He would move amendments when the Assembly takes up clause-by-clause discussion.

Dr. JP underlined that a change in the boundaries of States should not undermine economic growth or adversely affect social intercourse among people of different regions. “States may be many, but Telugu people will remain as one”

A change in the State’s boundaries or the capital will not improve people’s lives unless core problems like the very nature of politics, centralization of power, corruption and poor service delivery are addressed.

The Lok Satta Party, he said, is ready to shoulder the responsibility of ushering in change and unveiling a new dawn in people’s lives if only they devote their time and resources for strengthening the party to face the upcoming elections.


  1. What are your proposals for Telangana? You are only talking about Rayalaseema (special category) & Andhra (Polavaram, new port etc.)

    1. Telangana is getting what it wanted a separate state.

    2. Thanks for the answer.

      Telangana does not need to bribe the other regions. Telangana does not support the above proposals benefitting Andhra & Seema. As per your great intellectual leader, consensus is required before any region can break away.

      So you have two choices:

      1. Support Telangana unconditionally
      2. Continue to live in uncertainty