Friday, January 24, 2014

Loksatta Party Unveils Strategy for State Assembly Elections 2014

Becomes the first party to announce its first list of candidates; unveils SYC (Suggest your Candidate) drive

Party receives tremendous support with the call to action to join the party and donate funds by Dr. JP five days ago via

Dr. JP says time for people to lead the change

Loksatta party which recently announced its call to action to support the party has received tremendous response from all over the globe. The party has witnessed immense interest from the public to join the campaign and contribute funds.

In the last 5 days, more than a 1000 volunteers have already joined the party and around 30 lakhs have poured in from Indians across the globe via

The tremendous flow of legitimate funds from Indian citizens abroad has resulted in the Government unlawfully and abruptly shutting the donation channel down with nary a notice, while continuing to turn a blind eye to the copious flow of black money to traditional parties. Supporters are looking for an alternate way to contribute and support the party. We demand this gross injustice be immediately redressed by the Government.

The party unveiled its strategy for the 2014 elections by declaring its first list of candidates and announcing a novel SYC (Suggest Your Candidate) drive.

SYC is a call to action for the public to suggest Loksatta candidates for their constituencies. A first of its kind in the country, this call to action cements Loksatta’s position as a party that is grounded in representative democracy. In contrast to other traditional parties that auction off tickets to the highest bidder, Loksatta truly walks the talk of a citizen centric democracy by offering voters the opportunity to participate in identifying potential candidates to represent them in the legislature.

Dr. JP said “Loksatta is largely responsible for forging change in Indian politics in the last decade. This is a defining moment in the politics of Andhra Pradesh. All Telugus are looking to Loksatta as the only messiah to rescue them from the ugliness and evil that pervades all political parties of the state today in an undifferentiated manner.”

Loksatta is proud to announce its first list of candidates, who not only possess honesty and integrity that are Loksatta's minimum qualifications but are particularly capable of being outstanding legislators who can propel the development of the state forward into a glorious future.

“We have the guts to announce the first list of stellar candidates. We challenge the other parties to do the same and match our candidates in quality, integrity and commitment. We challenge the Congress and its undifferentiated variants like YSRCP, TDP and TRS to put forth their candidates for public scrutiny and service” said Dr JP.

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