Saturday, July 5, 2014

రోడ్డు ప్రమాదాల నివారణకు కృషి చేయాలి

Courtesy: Namasthe Telangana


  1. It is very important to educate drivers & passengers (especially front passengers) on the need of buckling up. Many accidents result in fatalities because people refuse to wear seatbelts.

    1. Yes, everyone should put on their seat belts when they are in a vehicle, but this is possible only when the vehicles are filled with the required number of people with the number of seat belts. And also we see most of the time, the cars,vans,sumos, etc.. carry more than the required # of people (where lot of ordinary people try to save some money for travelling long distances), which puts the driver of the vehicle in an uncomfortable situation for driving because of the excess disturbance going beside and behind his seat ( and most of the time these drivers don't get enough rest from their driving), are one of the many reasons for these accidents.

    2. Another reason for auto-ricksaw accidents in rural and town areas, now-a-days allowing loud speaker audio devices in auto's, where lot of auto drivers play songs very loudly. All of you might have seen horrific auto accidents where auto and passengers inside were crushed like any one can imagine(or seen) between big buses and lorries.

    3. Increase traffic police numbers, recruit more traffic police who patrol the roads (everywhere not only the highways, they should be patrolling the roads not sitting only at stations. IF there is an accident the driver should be jailed atleast 3 years for minor injuries and life sentence for deaths, this will make people good drivers.