Wednesday, November 12, 2014

అందరికీ ఆరోగ్యాన్నిచ్చే జాతీయ ఆరోగ్య పథకాన్ని ఇప్పటికైనా తేవాలి: జేపీ

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  1. The following lines from Maharashtra Governor C Vidyasagar Rao’s address in a joint session of the state legislature on November 12,2014 after the Devendra Fadnavis government won the trust vote clearly indicate Loksatta’s impact:

    “The Government will enact a 'Delivery of Services Guarantee Act'. The proposed Act is an endeavour to assure citizens of their right to timely, efficient, effective and transparent public service.

    The Government will also bring about delegation and decentralisation of powers,…”