Friday, February 6, 2009

Influx into Lok Satta continues

A number of BC and Dalit organization leaders headed by MBC (most backward class) leader and senior journalist Dommata Venkateswarlu joined the Lok Satta Party in the presence of party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan.

The Lok Satta has been witnessing an influx of leaders from downtrodden sections into the party since January 2009.

Mr. Venkateswarlu and others told the media today that the Lok Satta Party’s democratic functioning and its social justice agenda had attracted them. They believed that the Lok Satta alone would render justice to the downtrodden sections.

The leaders included Mr. P. Anjaneyulu, Dr. Sriramulu, Mr. Ch. Suresh, Mr. Gundu Venkatesam, Mr. Sassa Yadagiri, Mr. Rammurthy, Mr. Yadaiah, Mr. Kirankumar Gowd and Mr. Purnachander.

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