Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Violence counter-productive : Lok Satta tells MRPS

The Lok Satta Party today voiced its deep concern over the MRPS (Madiga Reservation Porata Samithi) agitation, demanding introduction of a Bill in Parliament for categorization of SCs, turning violent and inconveniencing the public.

Talking to the media, party Secretaries Bhaskara Rao and Vijayender Reddy said that while no one could question the sincerity of MRPS leader Manda Krishna Madiga in fighting for Madigas’ legitimate interests, the means he pursued defeated the end he had in mind. “You cannot promote the interests of the downtrodden by resorting to unconstitutional means,” they added.

The Lok Satta leaders suggested that the MRPS come out of the trap laid by the Congress and the TDP to exploit the Madiga caste and work out for a broader solution under which all those who had benefited from reservations were denied further reservations and the deserving got the reservation benefit.

The Lok Satta pointed out that only five percent of SCs study beyond high school and are able to enjoy reservations in higher education whereas 95 percent enjoyed no benefits. The MRPS should, therefore, concern itself with the other 95 percent of SCS also. A solution lies in ensuring quality education in English medium including computer courses to all irrespective of caste up to Class XII in all private and Government schools. Thereafter, students from rural areas and those belonging to the poorer sections in urban areas should be given bonus marks of 10 percent in competitive examinations for admission to higher education so that they can compete with their counterparts from private schools and richer sections. It will benefit all disadvantaged sections. All those who are desirous and deserving of higher education should be enabled to pursue it with Government funding. A similar policy can be adopted in recruitment to jobs also.

The Lok Satta solution would provide growth opportunities for every one irrespective of his religion and caste, put an end to caste clashes and pave way for a casteless society.

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