Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lok Satta agenda for Telangana

The Lok Satta is not opposed to the formation of a separate Telangana State but it believes that a solution to its problems lies in total decentralization of power and resources through formation of district governments.

The Lok Satta Party’s Election Campaign Committee members told the media that a separate State could always be carved out if the people wished it, by following the procedure prescribed in the Constitution. When more than 80 countries in the world are less in area than a district in Andhra Pradesh, formation of a Telangana State is not a big deal.

The Campaign Committee comprises Prof. Kodandarama Rao, Mr. Bodepudi Satyanarayana, Mr. K. Dharma Reddy, Mr. Dommata Venkateswarlu, Mr. Juluri Satyanarayana and Mrs. Gita Murthy.

The members said their agenda for Telangana includes:

  • Constitution of a tribunal to allocate river waters equitably to all districts
  • Formation of 400 new towns to spur commercial and industrial development
  • Provision of road and bus facilities to every village
  • 24-hour power supply to every village
  • Provision of quality power to the farm sector and Government compensation for motors damaged by voltage fluctuations
  • Protected drinking water supply to every village
  • Employment opportunities to a million youth
  • Uplift of 10 million people above the poverty line
  • Closure of belt shops and gudumba outlets and restriction on liquor consumption


  1. Very encouraging to read this. At least some one understands that the real solution Telangana is development and not a separate state

  2. these area radical promises. will be great if these can be done.
    But, if you look at history simple rules like mulki rules, and GO610 could not be implemented.
    How can you assure the people of telangana that these will be addressed?

  3. preaching is easy but implementation is difficult even then we should not loose confidence.we can fight with one weapon vote to elect genuine leaders.

  4. nothing will happen with these preaches,
    does loksatta ever fighted for this agenda items?
    no body bother if 610GO, mulki rules not implement.

    when KCR started fighting and the moment came now to form the telangana state, now all these briliant leaders came front to teach the things....

    1. నాయన , jp kcr కన్నా ముందే వివిద సమస్యలు మాట్లాడారు .......... ముల్కీ రూల్స్ ని సుప్రీం కోర్ట్ కొట్టేసింది , 610 GO ని కే‌సి‌ఆర్ మంత్రి పదవి లో ఉన్నప్పుడ వ్యతిరేకిరాంచారని తెల్సుకో ...... JP లేవనెత్తిన ఎన్నో సమస్యలు ఇప్పటి వరకు ఎవరు లేవనేతలే ........

      After Dr JP resigned from IAS, he used to write articles for Eenadu in a “Bhavishyat Bharati” column. He wrote about the plight of women in villages due to lack of toilets. A newly married daughter-in-law, who knows no one in the village but is known to everyone. When she goes to answer nature’s call in the dark, how she stands up in shame if someone passes by, covering the face with the saree kongu, what kind of hell they go through. The words he used make my hair stand on end even now. Such a problem, we, as men, usually don’t think too much about it. The way he could enter the hearts and portray the feeling of shame felt by those women

      ఇవి ఎప్పుడైనా KCR మాట్లాడారా ???????????

  5. Stupid People! I am from Rayalseema and I wish Telangan is formed. Though I agree that there must be some consensus arrived upon Hyderabad. We should remeber our fight against Madras state before condemning t-movement.

  6. I firmly believe you do not have much knowledge of History other than dining table discussions. Look into the history of seperation of the state from Madras constituency. FYI.. The Madras state itself is non existent now... of which Tamilnadu was just a part.Madras constituency was made by British and had no cultural or any other kind of standing of its own. Formation of states was done on a seperate basis...If states was the solution for fighting backwardness.. India itself should not exist where for every 100KM. at least the dialect of the language and the culture of the people changes !!