Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Courtesy: Eenadu


  1. Is Jayaprakash Narayana’s Opposition is Based on the Facts or his misunderstood Assumptions?

    The Jayaprakash Narayana’s opposition to the resolution of Government requesting central government to bring an amendment to the constitution to extend S.C status to Dalit Christians is conceptual rather than experiential.

    The following 5 facts that made me criticise Jayaprakash Narayana On this issue:

    1. Jayaprakash Narayana perhaps not had been to villages where majority of the Dalit Christians claiming their social status as S.C, due to the wrong constitutional provision on this matter, which was not based on ground realities.

    2. A mere conversion to Christian religion by a Dalit does not change his social status. He continuously subjected to the same social status and continuously lives in Dalit habitats. In our society marriages are endogamous (Marriage in same caste people). Will this system change merely be based on religion? The people living in rural areas know these hard facts. Perhaps Jayaprakash Narayana does not know the facts prevailing in rural areas.

    3. The suffering and pain of Dalit Christians who cannot claim reservations based on their real social and economic status understood by this Government and deserves appreciation. The Dalit Christian person living in huts in Dalit wada, who cannot afford a square meal or good education due to the poverty, cannot enjoy constitutional provisions, on whose benefit and upliftment, this provision was intended. In order to sustain his life, such a person has to make a wrong claim as hindu to get the reservation, killing his self respect and live a life of guiltiness.

    4. It is historic wrong to differentiate Dalit Christians and Dalit Hindus, who are, in fact, one social entity. They were subjected to social humiliation years together. Even today villages are not completely free from this barbaric malady. Constitutional framers made a mistake by differentiating these people based on the wrong presumptions, without reference to ground realities. This is the time to set right this historic mistake.

    5. The JP’s misunderstood comments, in fact, may trigger the differences among these innocent people rather than solving this age old problem.

    Constitution, legislature, executive and judiciary are tools created by us to solve the problems of people. There is nothing wrong to set right the historic wrong based on the realities. JayaPrakash Narayana’s opposition to amend the constitution to extend status to Christians is therefore, unwarranted and also unjustified.

    (I may be excused for using words like Dalit, Dalitwada etc. in this article because I could not find suitable substitution, which can convey the meaning)

  2. its correct if we may convert into Christean's the society will give the any other benefits so the reservation is correct we may lose that reservation the govt will give the houses in center of the village and re calculate the total agri. land and distribute equal to all of us