Wednesday, August 19, 2009

LSP demands meaningful debate


VISAKHAPATNAM: The Lok Satta Party’s State political affairs committee chairman D.V.V.S Varma alleged that leaders of both the ruling Congress party and the main opposition Telugu Desam Party were busy pursuing their personal battles in the State Assembly rather than indulging in meaningful debates concerning grave issues.

In an interaction with the press here on Tuesday, he spelt out three main issues: The economic crisis, steep price rise of essential commodities and drought condition are not getting the desired importance in the Assembly.

He blamed the Congress and the TDP for the present economic condition.

He asserted that the elected representatives should utilise the assembly time for meaningful debate and stop indulging in mud-slinging activity. The Lok Satta representative also lamented that smaller political parties like theirs are not given the desired time or space to voice their concern. Mr Varma noted that the government should concentrate on short-term projects like minor irrigation schemes rather than long-term projects to come out of the economic and drought problem.

Courtesy: The Hindu

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