Sunday, December 13, 2009

Delhi should take the lead to douse Passions in AP: Dr. JP (Telugu)


  1. I am from TELANGANA Region. My personel opinion is that, Telangana should be formed. But at the same time i accept the Lok Satta's Stand on Telangana (i.e., only development matters).

    TELANGANA should be formed and LOK SATTA must rule TELANGANA. Proper development in the State (ofcourse in all states & country too) will only be possible with LOK SATTA (i.e, Leadership of Mr.Nagabhairava Jayaprakash Narayan Garu).

  2. ^above, ha ha ha ha you might b joking. jp as cm of telangana.? It would b fortunate for Telangana if he s not ousted from Hyderabad by vested leaders

  3. So far, no one had proved why Telangana state is needed except false propaganda. But, I don't disagree that, Telangana is backward place. But this is not because of Andhra leaders. It is becuase of Telangana leaders themselves. - Sunny