Thursday, December 31, 2009

Involve elected representatives in Consultations: Dr. JP

The Lok Satta Party today welcomed the Government of India decision to initiate consultations on the conflicting demands for the formation of a separate Telangana State on the one hand and for keeping the State intact and integrated on the other.

“There is no alternative to discussions for arriving at a settlement acceptable to all sections of people and all regions since it is humanly impossible to accommodate the two demands simultaneously,” said Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here in a statement.

Dr. JP pointed out that the consultations should not be limited to political parties because they had exposed their crass opportunism by reneging on their pledged word and plunging the State into avoidable turmoil.

The Lok Satta President suggested that the Government of India take the views of elected representatives (MPs and MLAs) and civil society organizations also to hammer out a settlement that meets the concerns and aspirations of people in all regions of the State.

Now that the consultation process has been set in motion, all political parties and other organizations should immediately put an end to all forms of agitation in streets and return to the table for an honest, objective, rational and pragmatic discussion. Constitutional democracy dictates that disputes be resolved through sincere dialogue and not violent confrontations, he added.

Dr. JP hoped that people of all regions in the State would emerge victorious in the New Year and set an example to others in leading harmonious lives. He recalled that unlike other parties the Lok Satta had always practiced what it had advocated and earned people’s esteem for its ethics-based politics. In the New Year, it would focus on enrolling members and strengthening the organization.

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