Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HC verdict, a partial victory: Lok Satta (Telugu)


  1. idi antha avasaramaa? (okka seat gelavaledu kadaaa) eee time loo deenikannaa manchi topics AP lo vunnai... vaati meeda concentrate cheyyandi jp....

  2. That's important Mr.Hari.... Our candidates are there are not that's not a impartant... only impartent is we fighting against unruled things or not that's what for this party started and it will do in future also...

  3. Giving support to the family in election by not contesting:
    Is this what the great IRON MAN of India sardar vallabhai patel struggled, united and convinced the princely states to join in the repubic of india.
    Are we going back to form dynasties with a new name a legislator family.
    We have to contest in this by-election