Monday, March 1, 2010

Stop rabble-rousing, Lok Satta tells TRS

The Lok Satta Party today took strong exception to the indecent personal remarks Mr. Etela Rajender, TRS leader, has made against party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan.

“A politician resorts to rabble rousing when he is ignorant or refuses to take cognizance of facts, or when he realizes his arguments are shallow and devoid of sincerity.”

Talking to the media, party leaders V. Laxman Balaji, G. Raj Reddy, V. Vijayender Reddy and Dr.Panduranga Rao recalled that the Lok Satta has never defended regionalism. On the contrary, it has always studied an issue placed facts before the public. Thanks to centralization of power and corruption, people in all districts of the State continue to remain economically backward. Handloom weavers lead miserable lives whether they happen to be in Chirala in Coastal Andhra or Sircilla in Telangana and there is little difference between the migration of people in search of work and livelihood from Mahbubnagar in Telanana and Srikakulam in North Coastal Andhra.

The Lok Satta leaders pointed out that any discussion on backwardness in different regions of the State should be based on facts and figures compiled by organizations like the Statistics Department in Andhra Pradesh, the Central Statistical Organization, the National Sample Surveys, and the Census, and not through baseless allegations.

The Lok Satta would welcome a debate on backwardness in different regions of the State by associating national and State-level experts. The Lok Satta would place the facts it was collecting before the public soon, they revealed.

The Lok Satta Party, they said, wanted an amicable settlement to the present political crisis in the State based on facts and would wholeheartedly welcome any outcome. The party has, however, no illusions that any settlement resulting in the State’s bifurcation or the continuance of the united State would resolve people’s problems. A real solution lies in empowering people through decentralization of power via formation of district governments and ensuring quality education and health care, livelihood skills and employment opportunities to all.

The Lok Satta leaders wanted TRS leaders to behave with dignity and decency and in accordance with the Constitution and to stop slinging mud at a leader who won the election to the Assembly without inducing voters with money and liquor and has been responsible for far-reaching reforms in governance in the country.

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