Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dr. JP advocates proportional Representation (Telugu)


  1. Dear Friends,
    A few handful of Telanganites attended his mollified fund raising event in Chicago last Saturday, May 15, at 6pm insde Aurora Balaji Temple.

    And we have successfully irritated him very much and so called his great intellectual didn't work out well. Srinivas Voruganti did extremely good job.

    After his slapped experience in WashingtonDC from Telanganites - they changed Q&A process in Chicago. They collected all questions first and successfully filtered away all Telangana related topics. We pounded them with many diligent questions, so some of them got picked up any way and clearly made him irritated on a couple particularly... he tumbled on those and struggled through the topics and questions:

    Q1: Why he is trying to paint a soft image and creating impossible fictitious dreams? His approach and rejuvenation process may take 100~500 year to bring a change... People in Telangana agitation has the same reasons of corruption that he is pretending to fight? Why is he missing a great opportunity to support people's desire in Telangana?

    (He never read the question to the audience and skipped the entire Telangana part and stretched too long on rejuvenation process.... all BS)

    Q2: Politicians are the same across the world. Similar to other parties, Monarch of Loksatta is JP - why is that?

    (He spoke too long but didn't answer even a small piece of this question)

    Q3: Many Bureaucrats in India have been performing very well and he had a great opportunity to revolutionize. Why did he miss that path?
    (The following sub-question really irritated him)

    Q3b: When T.N. Sheshan could revolutionize electoral system - why couldn't he do it?
    (He got angry and responded with an arrogant statement - "T.N.Shesan did nothing", he just followed the rules)
    (We laughed so much at him - why couldn't he follow the same rules as bureaucrat?)

    Q4: Why didn't he contest from any other place than Kukatpally?
    (He said, "I didn't do anything in Kukatpally to win") basically skipped.

    Q5: He announced that 4 nights ago he spent time with his close friend in Pentecost, Maryland - who spent 25Crore to contest assembly election in India. Why does he claim fraudulent people as close friends? Why is it hard to denounce them?
    (Never picked this question - but I saw him read and put it aside because I sent it on a colored paper)

    He couldn't answer any of these questions righteously - he is all crap. Just creates hype - he is not an example of what he is trying to see others changed. JP should change himself first.

    Jai Telangana Jai Jai Telangana

  2. @above
    Telangana vachinaka kuda mee lanti vaalle paalisthe maa bathkulennatiki maaravura.. nee lanti valla nundi mamalni save cheydam kosame decentralisation gurunchi fight chestundu maa jp.

    Jai Hind
    Jai loksatta

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  5. The above comments have been deleted for using improper words.

  6. There were no appropriate words in those comments. When "maaravura" is the right word in RAM's comments then whatever were written is also right.... Stop dual standards.

    At first understand the meeting of decentralization. And then ask JP to decentralize Loksatta party. AppuDu ilAnTi comments chEyarA!