Friday, May 28, 2010

Lok Satta regrets violence

The Lok Satta Party today regretted that the innocent have been put to avoidable suffering following violence in Mahbubabad of Warangal district in the wake of Lok Sabha member Mr. Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy’s visit to Warangal district.

The Lok Satta Spokesman Mr. Katari Srinivasa Rao retiterated its stand that in a democracy every citizen is free to visit, live and work anywhere in the country. The attempt of separate Telangana agitators to disrupt Mr. Jaganmohana Reddy’s visit to Warangal district by resorting to violence is blatantly undemocratic.

The Lok Satta Party leader said that it was surprising that the police could not prevent protesters from assembling at the station.

The party also condemned the naxalites for causing the death of 65 and injuries to more than 200 people by triggering a train disaster.


  1. Yes there is a right for every citizen to go anywhere in india, when there is a situation like that a conflict, resistance is going to happen in some areas people has to realise that it is better rethink about their yatra. Who are these politicians,gunmen can have the right of firing at common man who ever it may be for which party they belong to. Shame on these politicians posing with guns,pelting stones at the people who elected them.


  2. What is meant by Lok Satta Party. Why you formed this party. Are you only working for South or it is recognised as a party of India for India and for people. Do you create leaders for want to be a leader. Did you ever oppose in your family if anything is done wrong or you want to fight against corruption in your state or country.
    Normally we are in the habit of pretending that we are doing good, betterment of the state or country or we always feel that there should not be any corruption or anything like that sort, or blame ministers from being corrupt. It is human tendency.
    Do you really feel that ministers to be blamed if they do anything wrong for not working for the betterment of the people, society, state or country. In my opinion we people are to be blamed if they do anything wrong as we are the ones who have elected them.
    i can write lot on this but, i am not good in writing and am not sure that anynone or you (DR. JP) will read all this.

  3. Hi satin16,
    If u click the link to the right, u can figure out what Loksatta party stands for. The Party president makes it a point in every speech what the party stands for and what they wish to accomplish. Please come by and listen to Dr JP when he visits ur city.
    I took some interest and listened to a couple of discussions live and on youtube. He says on quite a few occasions that he does not intend to fight corruption as an issue, but wud strive hard to facilitate institutions that ensure proper checks and balances that wud minimize corruption. From my 10 years + i spent in the U.S, i have to agree that. Political parties and private organizations often device mechanisms that strive to eliminate corruption. Often they are successful, when the people follow those rules in letter and spirit. It is often when we take short cuts that we give scope to corruption.
    During his recent visit to the bayarea(U.S), some audience wanted him(Dr JP) to speak in Telugu and he politely refused, saying it was in appropriate to do so in a public meeting. I wud have been disappointed if he had acceded to their request. I was actually glad somebody asked him, because that brought out one of the weaknesses of the organization that it has no national traction.
    We are a proud country in our diversity, but we are all proud of our achievements as Indians. In the last several years i was in several forums ( for ex immigration related) where a number of people from different parts of India participate. U can make out the diversity by just looking at their names. There are a number of good leaders with good depth and broader perspective of life from all across India. I am sure as the organization ( lok satta) spreads, more diverse leadership will join Lok Satta as long as they stick to their belief's.
    Don't expect that always some body needs to respond to ur post. When you vote next time, do the right thing. Vet him throughly in ur mind and choose the right guy. If u help in bringing meaningful discussion to the process that is even better, that will help clarify the positions of all the contestants. These are some of the key things Lok satta plans to bring to the fore.
    I don't think i can answer all ur Questions, but i made an attempt. Please tune in to Dr JP.

  4. When talking about Democracy, why did this same Loksatta Party or JP did not utter a word, when Narendra Modi was denied permission to visit Hyderabad?

  5. I googled Mr Modi's visit to hyderabad and found some youtube clips of his speeches in hyderabad. Iam mot familiar with his trip there, but do know that he was denied a VISA to visit U.S.
    I personally feel he shud be free to convey his message anywhere in India.