Wednesday, November 24, 2010

National Campaign Against Corruption - Time For Decisive Action

Dear Friends,

The CAG’s report on the 2G spectrum has proven beyond reasonable doubt that this is a scam of massive proportions involving corruption, arbitrariness, loss to the public exchequer, and abuse of authority at the highest levels of the government involving politicians, civil servants and even corporate houses. The CAG’s estimate (which was based on the prices paid by bidders in the auction of 3G spectrum) indicate that the Indian exchequer was defrauded to the extent of a staggering 1,52,000 crores!

In the recent past, we have also witnessed the ugly and shameful corruption surrounding the Commonwealth Games and the Adarsh Housing Society scam in Mumbai. These are only a few scams that have seen the light of the day. Not a single day goes without some scam taking place somewhere in the country, and in a growing economy like India, in the absence of adequate safeguards, we can be certain of continued corruption.

Yet, the public debate seems to be focused on superficial measures such as removal of a minister/chief minister, and constituting a parliamentary committee for investigation. While they may be necessary measures in the short run, there is nothing on the anvil to either punish the guilty parties, take corrective measures to make good the loss to the exchequer, and prevent corruption from taking place in the future.

The need of the hour is tangible, decisive action for combating corruption. We took the initiative to create a common platform – “National Campaign against Corruption” to bring together eminent Indians from various walks of life, and like minded civil society organizations from across the country. We aim to channelize the public outrage constructively, and put pressure on the government and political parties to achieve tangible institutional changes for effectively combating corruption.

As part of this effort, from now and up to 9th December (International Anti-Corruption day), we encourage you to write to the Prime Minister (, and demand concrete steps to punish the guilty parties and affect institutional changes as outlined below:
Esteemed Prime Minister,

In the light of the 2G spectrum scam, and evidence of rampant corruption in many other areas, we urge you to protect national interest by taking the following measures:
  • Cancel the 2G spectrum allocation.
  • Get our money back.
  • Punish the Corrupt.
Yours sincerely,
We encourage you to spread this message and make your friends and associates write to the Prime Minister. He should hear from millions of Indians who are deeply concerned about mounting corruption in the country and want concrete, effective steps to cleanse our public life. We encourage you to visit and sign an online petition at to the Prime Minister.

Wherever possible, please encourage young people, college students, and enlightened citizens to send the same message by post cards addressed to the Prime Minister by name at: Dr. Manmohan Singh, R.No.148 B, South Block, New Delhi 110001. Also Re.1 money order can be sent to the Prime Minister with the same message. The Money Order will cost Rs.2.25 (Re.1 + Re.1 as MO fee and Rs.0.25 for the MO form), and has the added advantage of someone in PMO having to acknowledge it.

Please ensure that your name, address and email or phone number is listed on your email or post card to lend authenticity to your message.

We will keep you posted on our future plan of action and other developments from time to time.

Warm regards

Jayaprakash Narayan
National Campaign against Corruption


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