Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attack on JP is Attack on Democracy: Lok Satta


  1. It's not correct to attack on JP. TRS MLA are perverted. If any body wants to feels jp for his comments on democarcy and want to beat him them KCR & KTR should be hanged 1000 times for the hatred words and unparlimentary language he used.

    Also JP stand on not complaing to any body is not correct. He should complain and neccessary action should be taken on the person who beat him and also should cancel the MLA post of KTR who had provoked the mob by saying the "kottandira vadini"

  2. We are deeply hurt to see the attack on JP sir. Attackers needs to be punished and also the people who encouraged to attack.


  3. We all try to teach our children that there are consequences for any mischief they do.
    If we donot formally complain to the authorities when somebody attacks us, then how will KTR know that there is a consequence for his behaviour..
    Not sure if they can take his MLA post, but instigating some body to attack somebody is a criminal attack and a case should be registered on him

  4. Attack on JP sir is attack on our democracy. TRS has to learn that one has to reason with logic in order to win the argument but not by attacking others. JP sir..we are with you. TRS is in danger of being called Rowdy's samithi not Rastra samithi.

  5. Dear Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan Garu,

    I am deeply hurt by the incident . Because you were physically hurt.

    I have neither relevant experience nor appropriate wisdom , if there is any such wisdom at all , to criticize you. Nevertheless , I want to say a few words in defense of those people who attacked you.

    What do you expect from cannibals who like to devour on their own flesh ?. Be they were driven or be they acted on their own impulse , I see that IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT , carried to perfection with deliberate meditation , to stay in THAT country.

    I am an Indian. I am ashamed of it ,to be honest. . Ashamed not of my India . But ashamed of the people I was obliged to live with.

    The inevitable ,against any one's best efforts , would be cannibalism , starting at the root level ,that is the mind, slowly incapacitating every one to live like as if they are awaiting their death.

    I admire you very much .For your dedication .Against every odd . That's why I beg to leave that country . Doing the right thing , I believe , is important ,whether for a right reason or a wrong reason or no reason at all . Just quit that country!.


  6. If you want to know truth and facts....February 18, 2011 at 8:35 AM

    1. if this is the case there is no doubt that people from karimnagar and warangal fight definitely for a issues such as educational institutes and water, you name it because you are training that fight...
    2. Generally every body agrees that the regions is not developed, but how come all politicians who started career without money became rich in the region that they are saying that it is not developed. First they should DONATE all money they have and then start talking and fighting. Until then they do not realize what they fighting for

  7. Dear Indians.......
    Stop following 3 idiots KCR,KTR and Harish rao.
    They have their own political agenda' to be CM, other Home and other gobble the rest.
    If any thing left, its taken away by daughter kavitha. No one in this family know what hardships are........
    I respect people who fight for people in their land.
    KCR used to be a dog at previous ministers, KTR in america (doing what?) harish rao (nameless ).
    these guys needs to be shut off .......

    These 3 guys have no manners, poisoning minds of people (like alchaida, who says to their followers, kill people and you will get 1000 virgins in heaven)
    They need to be procecuted for all the things they are doing.They are all bogus.
    If these guys were given minister positions during rajasekhar reddy's government, these guys would have never uttered a word about telangana.
    Now their only agenda is getting telangana and become the government there.
    As the central is thinking its a sensitive issue and not taking any action on these criminals.

    People who are following them are fools and they too have their own agendas.
    Don't be scape goats for them.

    Gantayyandi veellani ..... from MY LAND ANDRA PRADESH.
    I am indian and I don't give a damm to this corrupted family

  8. Time for youth to take over andhra political system. Its now or never. Andhra Pradesh will be eaten up by these goondas and mawalis. Those who were elected have utterly failed. Youth must shed their complacency and step into politics to clean this dung on their motherland

  9. This is indeed a black day for democracy. When people are incapable of putting forth their case through reasoning and convincing, they resort to violence. Dr.J.P. represents the voice of the sane and the wise. We should respond by strengthening the Lok Satta by enrolling in large numbers in that party so that reasonable discourse and everything else that the party is striving for, becomes a reality.

  10. yesterday's front page news, today's second page news and after 10 days it will be nowhere .... cure the "cause" not the "symptoms"

    It is because of the political gambling played by big parties in state and center that created these political goondas whether they are from TRS, TDP, or congress (don't forget the past). If we think of just punishing few people, tomorrow some XYZ party will do the same thing. Dr.JP became a scapegoat in this whole gambling.

    "Question" and make the parties accountable to their actions. When Congress n TDP formed a coalition with TRS, why people from Telangana or from Seemandhra voted to these parties. If people are voting to one party in coalition then they are accepting the coalition, why didn't the people question the motives behind these coalitions. Try to read between the lines and spread awareness among people.

    Finally, don't get biased in your views its not good for anyone. I respect the unbiased views expressed here keep expressing them ... you have thinking power that is required to mould the future.

    I'm hurt but not hopeless.

  11. Dear Jayaprakash Sir,

    I was deeply hurt about this incident. India is a democratic country we studies but after seeing this incidents it looks like Afghanistan. The 3 idiots(kcr, ktr and Harish) spoiling the lifes of people of state. They are fighting for their own sake. They are earning money from all sides and acting like they are working for Telangana. I am requesting KTR to commit suicide for Telangana as he looks more frustated about that. These guys are not dying but making the other to die.