Monday, February 7, 2011

Time opportune for youth to Shape their destiny: Dr. JP (Telugu)


  1. Whatever JP said is correct. Youth needs to come forward to change, if not the fate of country at least the fate of their village. The educated needs to bring up the youth in their villages. Guide them or encourage them to think positively and for the cleanness of the village. We need change from the gross roots. We need to identify the youth provide training on developmental aspects. I assume there are number of educated youth still struggling to roam in their village as they could not find a job within or outside their village. If LS can figure out to use their services effectively it can serve purpose in both ways, by providing employment for these guys as well as establishing party strongly in villages and by doing so the development of village also can be realized.
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  2. Can you post the news about yesterdays borbanda citizen center anniversary details with some pictures.