Thursday, February 17, 2011

It is an assault on democracy: Dr. JP

“I do not view it as a personal attack on me; it is an assault on democracy itself,” said Lok Satta Party President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan here today,

Addressing media a few hours he was subjected to a physical attack on the legislature premises, Dr. JP expressed his gratitude to the Deputy Speaker of the Assembly, the Chairman of the Legislative Council, the Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition and thousands of others who had conveyed him their sympathies. He wished speedy recovery of Mr. Paladugu Venakata Rao who came to his rescue unmindful of his age and health.

Pointing out that a number of people were seething with anger while some others were sad over the incidents, he appealed to people not to react violently either in word or deed. In this context, he recalled Mahatma Gandhi’s saying that “an eye for an eye will leave the entire world blind.” Dr. JP added he did not lodge a complaint against anybody for the attack. He believed that the Chair is competent enough to take all steps to preserve democracy and ensure smooth conduct of the House.

Speaking without any anger or rancor, Dr. JP said he always maintained the party is more important than an individual, and the country is more important than a party. Some people seem to be wishing to silence the voice of those who enjoy credibility because they always speak facts. “Facts do not go away whether there is JP or no JP. Dharma and justice will always triumph”

Dr. JP appealed to people to sit up and take notice of the decline in democratic values. Democracy calls for reasoned debate and harmonization of different viewpoints in a peaceful manner through constitutional means. Democracy does not mean mere conduct of elections. Democracy has been under attack in some part of the country or the other every day.

A remedy to the ills of democracy lies in more democracy and not in running away from it. Tearing away of Constitution copies and boycotting of elections will not provide a solution.

Dr. JP said he did not advocate suspension of the Assembly and the imposition of President’s rule, as put out by certain media sections. All that he said was that if the situation was allowed to drift and lead to Preisdent’s rule, it did not augur well for democracy.

Dr. JP said he was fully committed to protecting the rights of Telangana people. It was the Lok Satta which spearheaded the move for the deletion of Section 14 from the Presidential Order on recruitment of police personnel in Hyderabad. It was the Lok Satta which opposed the diversion of the Godavari water for meeting the drinking water needs of Hyderabad as it would harm the interests of people in Telangana. It was again the Lok Satta which strongly aruged for utilization of the Nagarjunasagar waters for the benefit of Telangana and Rayalaseema.

The Lok Satta Party, he recalled, always maintained that if people accomplished their dream of a separate Telangana State peacefully, it would not be a catastrophe. At the same time, the party believed that a separate State would not serve its purpose unless the people of the region have access to education, health and employment opportunities and local governments are fully empowered.

He said he still regarded TRS members as friends and harbored no ill-will against them.

Lok Satta Party President D. V. V. S. Varma appealed to all political parties and democratic forces to observe February 18 as ‘Democracy Protection Day’ to condemn the physical attack on party President Dr. JP in the Assembly precincts.

He condemned the TRS activists’ attack on Medka Lok Satta Party President Tummalapalli Srinivas, who was peacefully protesting against the attack on Dr. JP.

Addressing media earlier, party leaders Varma, V. Laxman Balaji, G. Raja Reddy, V. Vijayender Reddy, P. Ravi Maruth said the attack on Dr. JP was an attack on democracy and the Constitution. It had tarnished the image of the legislature. Legislatures should be forums only for those who believe in democracy and not for goondas and rowdies.

They demanded that the Government wake up from its stupor and take stern action those who instigate and indulged in the attack on Dr. JP.


  1. Dear Sir,
    I am a student of B.Tech,really sad about the incident happed today...Sir you are an intellectual,have to appreciate your patience,Sir we all ARE WITH YOU...all our students support you...there should be minimum education qualification for every one contesting in politics..politics became a bad word not because of constitution but because of illiterate,irresponsible & idiotic ministers today...Sir aa debba padindi kevalam mee mede kadu....mimmalni support chese kotladi prajala meeda rajyangam meeda nammakam unna vaari meeda...All of us will be with you Sir...U ARE A TRUE LEADER....u are my inspiration till for ever and ever....

  2. These assembly rowdies known as MLAs of TRS and TDP (Revanth Reddy) should be thrown out of the assembly and their ranks should be removed and put in jail for attack on Governor, JP and other MLAs.

  3. I am Indian staying in USA.Mr.JP is an intellectual.Myself and many of my friends inspired by you.Whenever we hear from you we hope a better environment in politics.They all are stupid politicians.This is not because of telangana issue.No student or an educated person from AP look forward for separation.Its all a drama from these Idiots.Though you dont encourage and like using bad words like this ,but Cant stop myself using these words.
    They should not be given a chance in next elections.If if they contest please let us not vote for these guys and encourage rowdies entering into Assembly.

    We wish a soon recovery for Mr.JP and looking forward for his intellectual speeches.


    We know Mr.JP is a True leader who works for a better society and would like to see AP in a top position in all aspects.

  4. today i'm very shame to say I belong to ANDHRA PRADESH