Monday, April 25, 2011

People for Lok Satta elects its First Executive Board

The People for Lok Satta (PFL), the nonprofit political organization of overseas supporters of the Lok Satta Party, adopted a new constitution and elected its first Executive Board at the international level and several chapter-level boards across the U. S.

The new Executive Board will start functioning from May 1, 2011.

Elections Commissioners Sreekanth Godey and Padma Bhupatiraju, conducted the internal elections. The elections were conducted under the preferential system of voting in line with Lok Satta Party’s philosophy, instead of the traditional first-past-the-post majority system.

Mr. Prasanna Meda from Bay Area, one of the founders of PFL, was elected President.

Mr. Dilip Sankarreddy from Baltimore, who has been handling membership and finances, was elected Vice President (Finance).

Mr. Kiran Indukuri, who served as the coordinator of the Seattle chapter, was elected Vice President (Membership). Mr. Jawahar Kambhampati, project head of the anti-corruption walk “Dandi March 2”, was elected Vice President (Projects).

Ms. Hyma Sagi, who coordinated the “Rejuvenate India” events that Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan attended in the U. S., was elected Vice President (Events).
Mr. Dinesh Pagadala from Houston, who has been handling PFL’s media activities, was elected Vice President (Media).

Mr. Kalyan Raman, one of PFL’s founder-members, said he was hopeful of the new executive comprising mostly young people, would strengthen the PFL among NRIs.

The PFL has organized events and campaigns like “Rejuvenate India”, “Kill Corruption”, “NRI absentee voting rights” and “Dandi March II” in the U. S. and several other countries over the last two years.

Mr. Prasanna Meda, the President, announced that the Executive Board would work towards strengthening the Lok Satta Party for the 2014 Indian elections drawing upon its two-year experience in successfully growing the PFL.

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