Monday, December 31, 2012

Dr.JP seeks President's support for fundamental reforms

Lok Satta Party national President Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan today called on President Pranab Mukherjee at Rashtrapati Nilayam at Bolarum in Secunderabad and sought his support in ushering in some fundamental political and governance reforms in the New Year.

Dr. JP underlined that the reforms are a must to dispel the pall of gloom and despair that has shrouded the nation in 2012.

Dr. JP told the President that his blessings are necessary to accelerate the pace of change on a number of fronts. In particular, he called for political and electoral reforms including replacement of the first-past-the post system by a proportional representation system. Local governments should be strengthened and made as the third tier of federalism. A National Judicial Commission for appointment and removal of higher judiciary and an Indian Judicial Service for appointment of district judges should be constituted. There is need for institution of strong and independent anti corruption mechanisms like Lokpal, Lokayukta and Ombudsmen and effective policing. Citizens should be entitled to Government services as a matter of right.

Wishing people a happy and prosperous 2013, Dr. JP said in a media statement that 2012 was characterized by inchoate discontent, street protests, parliamentary logjams and further erosion of legitimacy of Governments and political parties.

"This political decline coupled with economic slowdown has spread an air of defeatism and despair. Let us, however, remember that the night is darkest before the dawn. India has the capacity and resources to come out of temporary difficulties and build a vibrant democracy and prosperous economy of which all of us can justly be proud."

Dr. JP pointed out that big changes require a few critical levers to be in place. They include strong local government, service delivery, anti corruption mechanisms and electoral reforms. On the economic front, the focus should be on sectors like power, transport, education and healthcare.

DR. JP said: "The energy and passion of millions of young people need to be channelized creatively and constructively to a build an India of our dreams and liberate every citizen from the scourge of poverty. I am sure that 2013 will herald the beginning of change."

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