Saturday, July 27, 2013

Lok Satta Party's Letter to TDP on Avanigadda By Poll


  1. I am an ardent follower of LSP. But disappointed with the above news. How can we stay away from elections, even it is just 9 months away. Loksatta party must participate in the election. Directly or indirectly we are allowing a nasty party to will the election. We are not to subside...we are not to escape with reasons...we are to rise!!

    1. I think decision of loksatha party decision is appreciable ,well quoted about party rules and procedure ..this is called kick of an educated personality , what ever may be the ultimate decision by the party ..but objecting about legacy politics show their principle nature ,
      as the party leader of loksatha might thought contesting in bypoll literally may be correct, morally people of avanigada give their vote to sympathetic wave ,so best choice will be withdrawing from the contest... Nice check. Their is no escapism here Mr.Sai Deepak because "sometimes playing the game is not important ,strategic winning is important"...
      Good Job By K.srinivas gaaru

  2. I agree with Sai Deepak. we should not weigh advantages and disadvantages, rather should be part of elections.

  3. Kamma + kamma help cheskuntunnaru anduke sai deepak reddy comments, adae reddy's ila chesinappudu kamma's comments chestaru so overall ga 2014 lo reddy's and kamma's nu support chesae kante manalo kuda caste paranga vote chesukovali