Saturday, December 6, 2008

Dr.JP's Appeal To Youth

Dear friend,

Kindly send e-mails to the PM and to the addresses given below. Also forward this e-mail to your friends, relatives, all your contacts, and ask them to send e-mails. This effort will build pressure on the government and political parties to take necessary measures to tackle terrorism.

e-mail to : The President of India (Smt Pratibha Patil), The Prime Minister of India (Dr. Manmohan Singh), The Leader of Opposition Party in Lok Sabha (Shri LK Advani), The Chairperson of the UPA (Smt. Sonia Gandhi).

Email : ,,

text of letter to be sent is given below

Dear ……………….

We earnestly urge you to immediately act on the following critical areas for improving national security and to eliminate the scourge of terrorism from our country:

1. Utilize the powers vested by the Article 355 of our Constitution to protect States from external aggression and internal disturbance; classify terrorism and related offences as federal offences; entrust the investigation of these federal offences to an empowered investigative agency at the federal level; put into place a self-actuating mechanism under a unified command-and-control for coordinating anti-terror operations between various State police forces, armed forces and intelligence and investigative agencies. This mechanism must be geared towards prevention of terrorism including intelligence gathering, conducting operations against terrorist attacks, prosecution of terrorists and their collaborators and imparting just and appropriate retribution to the guilty parties.

2. The NSG should be based in and operating out of several locations across India to ensure that major habitations, strategic national assets and vulnerable areas are adequately covered.

3. Strengthen our anti-terror laws to permit the admission of confessions and depositions made before the police - based on prima facie evidence and involving due procedure, as evidence before courts of law. The burden of proof in cases of terrorism should be shifted on to the perpetrators of crime. In all terrorism offences, steps should be taken to safeguard the security of the judges, prosecution, investigators and including in-camera hearings, evidence through video camera, etc.

4. Implement a system of National Identification Card to ensure that identification of and intelligence gathering on anti-national elements becomes more effective.

5. Build consensus on systemic educational reforms to impart modern, skill-based and functional education to all children in religious schools – gurukuls, madarsas, etc. so that they do not become recruiting grounds for forces of disruption.

6. Work towards restoring the legitimacy of political leadership and state institutions by eliminating illegitimate money power in politics, curbing corruption and making crime investigation free from partisan politics.

We have great faith in your leadership and hope that your timely action will make our country safer for us ordinary citizens, in the days to come. Jai Hind!

…..(sender's name, email ID, contact, etc.…)………….

For further details or queries on the subject, please visit or contact Lok Satta Party at 040-23231818/2829 or write to

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