Friday, January 16, 2009

BC leaders to join Lok Satta

A large number of backward caste leaders and members are planning to join the Lok Satta Party in a day or two.

Disclosing this at a media conference, party spokesman Katari Srinivsa Rao and Working Committee member N. Ravinder said that having been fed with up traditional politics, these BC leaders now feel that the Lok Satta alone will render them justice.

The Lok Satta leaders pointed out that although there are many leaders of competence and integrity among BCs, they have not received due recognition in politics. Their failure to get adequate representation legislative bodies saps their confidence in democracy itself.

The Lok Satta, the leaders said, is committed to fielding BCs in election in proportion to their population provided adequate number of people with leadership qualities apply.

The Lok Satta Party believes that reservations for downtrodden sections should be continued for the time being even as the creamy layer from it should be excluded. The percentage of reservations should under no circumstances be increased, as per Supreme Court directives. At the same time, both the urban and rural poor should be awarded 10 percent bonus marks in competitive examinations so that they can compete on par with their richer counterparts both in higher education and employment. All students, irrespective of their caste and religion, should be provided quality and free education in the English medium and including computer studies up to Class XII. Then every one without reference to his or her caste or religion, will get opportunities for growth. Caste will lose relevance in one generation if the Lok Satta formula is adopted, said the leaders.

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