Saturday, January 24, 2009

Continue 'Yuva Tarang': Yuva Satta

The Yuva Satta today appealed to the Chief Election Commissioner not to discontinue the ‘yuva tarang’ program meant to enroll college students as voters.

The President of the State Yuva Satta, Mr. Dasari Ratnam, and the President of the Greater Hyderabad unit, Mr. Ravinder Reddy told the media that the response to the enrolment campaign undertaken by some voluntary agencies in colleges was very good, according to the feedback they received. “On the spot issuance of voters’ identity cards based on principals’ attestation is highly commendable.”

The Yuva Satta leaders pointed out that if the youth were to take part in elections and strengthen democracy, such innovative enrolment programs are highly desirable. Of late, the youth are shedding their revulsion against politics in a bid to contribute their mite in changing the present political system.

They appealed to the CEO to publicize the continuous voter enrolment program since many people are not aware of it. All those who register themselves as voters until the completion of the nomination process should be enabled to exercise their franchise.

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