Thursday, February 2, 2012

2G Cancellation - a First step to curb corporate collusion - Lok Satta welcomes Supreme Court Verdict

Lok Satta Party welcomed wholeheartedly the Supreme Court decision today canceling the 122 licenses of 2G spectrum granted without transparency or competition.

Welcoming the decision of the Court holding that the 2G licenses were issued in a “totally arbitrary and unconstitutional” manner, Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, president of Lok Satta said “This is a vital step in the fight against corporate corruption and collusion. The fight must now be extended to mining leases and land allotments granted without competition and transparency.” The party expressed the confidence that the Court’s decision of denying the fruits of corruption to the corporates will deter them from indulging in massive collusive corruption at the cost of the country.

Lok Satta filed the petition for cancellation of licenses, and involved eminent Indians like JM lyngdoh, TS Krishnamurthy, N.Gopalaswamy, P.Shankar, Admiral Tahiliani; and Julio Rebiero. The logic of Lok Satta is that unless the bribe giver in cases of collusion is denied the benefits of corruption, there will be no deterrence against future fraud and collusion. Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan appeared before the court on behalf of the petitioners.

Dr JP said, “This is only a key milestone; but many more instruments should be in place to curb corruption.” Lok Satta is working on the service delivery law with Parliamentary Committee. The delayed Lokpal Bill should be enacted into law soon. Lok Satta proposed a National Judicial commission for appointment and removal of judges of Higher Courts, and an all-India Judicial Service for remitting subordinate judges. Both these are in an advanced stage, and both government and opposition in Parliament are in favour of the judicial reforms.

“The battle is long and the road is bumpy. India will be corruption-free in a decade’s time. We need unity, focus, clarity and relentless pursuit of specific goals.” Dr JP said.

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