Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lok Satta seeks end to discretionary funds of CM, MLAs

During the budget session of the Legislative Assembly beginning from February 13, the Lok Satta Party will focus its attention on the liquor policy, relief to the crisis-ridden farmer, elections to local bodies and resolution of issues raised by various sections.

In a media statement, Lok Satta Party Working President D. V. V. S. Varma appealed to all parties to help facilitate a thorough discussion on the issues.

Mr. Varma said that all parties should join hands in getting the present liquor policy, which has spawned a politics-dictating liquor mafia, changed. All the members transcending their party barriers should ensure that justice is done to farmers. Farmers have not been able to get even the minimum support price whatever crop they raise. The Government would not allow them to market paddy and rice outside the State. The members should exert pressure on the Government and ensure elections to municipalities and panchayat raj bodies take place. The ruling party, rocked by corruption scams and internal fights, has deferred the elections fearing defeat. The Assembly should also help resolve issues over which a number of sections are on the warpath as governance has come to a standstill because of party politics.

Mr. Varma demanded that the Government do away with special and discretionary funds being allocated to the Chief Minister and MLAs and utilize them for priority sectors. The priorities in the forthcoming budget should shift from extending temporary sops to making people self-reliant. It should allocate funds for ensuring quality education, healthcare and skills to all, baling out agriculture from crisis, and rejuvenating industry. Local governments should be empowered with devolution of funds and powers.

Mr. Varma appealed to all parties to pass the budget only after a thorough discussion.

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