Thursday, October 10, 2013

విద్య, ఉపాధి అవకాశాలతోనే మార్పు

Courtesy: Eenadu

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  1. Would like to share these lines from Mohan Murti’s recent writing ‘Politics, but with ethics’, to make us feel again and again the urgency to achieve the practical goal of Surajya in united/divided A.P and India …

    “While several nations around the world have lifted mediocrity to an art, European leadership and those elected or appointed to represent Europeans offer much to be optimistic about. European laws make convicted criminals ineligible to stand for election.

    In almost all of Europe, good governance means enforcement of the rule of law and eradication of corruption, whereby governments and their institutions are made efficient, effective, transparent, participatory, accountable, responsible, responsive and consensus-oriented.

    Good governance is viewed as a process and product dynamic in which the whole is considered first and then the parts follow. Thus, it begins with a vision and dovetails into particular deliverables. It includes a functioning administrative system at all levels that responds to all situations that affect the lives, property and wellbeing of the masses. State policy exhibits shows zero tolerance for corruption, lassitude and incompetence.

    In Germany, merit, integrity and capability rule above all other considerations during elections or in making appointments to public offices and governing boards. There is no evidence of ascendance to power on parochial and provincial grounds.

    Another vital reason for the success of Western European economies is discipline. The Germans believe that talent and genius alone are not enough to make a successful nation. Discipline has an equally important role to play. In the words of German philosopher Wolfgang Goethe: “Talents blossom in a disciplined person.” Europeans consider discipline not only desirable but indispensable. They believe that when discipline, restraint and order of human conduct are absent, the ethical fabric corrodes. To prevent decay, discipline has to be imposed in the common interest and for the common good. But not blind, unflinching obedience at the cost of basic rights and liberties propagated by Hitler in Nazi Germany and Mussolini in Italy.”