Friday, October 18, 2013

Dr. JP demands withdrawal of case against P. C. Parakh

LokSatta Party national President Dr.Jayaprakash Narayan today expressed his indignation over the CBI registering a case of criminal conspiracy against Mr. P. C. Parakh, a blemishless former IAS officer of the Andhra Pradesh cadre, in the coal scam.

Dr. JP, himself a former IAS officer and member of the Administrative Reforms Commission, demanded that the CBI revoke its foolish decision straightway since it undermines people’s faith in criminal investigation and threatens the very existence of the CBI

Talking to media persons who called on him, Dr. JP recalled that the LokSatta has been in the forefront in demanding autonomy for institutions like the CBI and ACB, prompt investigation into corruption cases and swift and stringent punishment of the guilty including confiscation of their ill-gotten wealth. But the CBI action runs counter to the recommendations of the Administrative Reforms Commission. Autonomy for an institution like the CBI does not mean license to do whatever it wants to do without being accountable.

Dr. JP pointed out that allocation of coal mines as per the prevailing policy without indulging in corruption cannot be construed as conspiracy. Mr.Parakh allocated the coal mine jointly to first applicant Hindalco and two public sector undertakings for captive mining.

Dr. JP recalled that the LokSatta has all along demanded that scarce natural resources like coal and iron ore be allocated only through open, competitive bidding to give no scope for nepotism and corruption. When all others demanded punishment of Mr.A. M. Raja, then Union Telecom Minister and others guilty of arbitrary allocation of 2-G spectrum licenses, only the LokSatta in association with some prominent citizens approached the Supreme Court and succeeded in getting the licenses cancelled and paved way for allocation of scare resources through competitive bidding.

Officials who allocate mines as per the existing policy without indulging in corruption cannot be accused of conspiracy by anybody, Dr. JP said.

Dr. JP demanded that the Central Vigilance Commission which has jurisdiction over the CBI should intervene in the false case against Mr.Parakh forthwith. He also wanted immediate ushering in of the policy of allocating sparse natural resources through competitive bidding. Steps should be taken to facilitate immediate mining of coal from blocks which had been allocated transparently without any taint of corruption.

Dr. JP said he would write to the CVC seeking action against CBI officials who foisted the case of conspiracy against Mr.Parakh, reputed for his probity.

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