Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lok Satta condemns attempts to thwart Vijayamma’s visit

Lok Satta Party today condemned the police for preventing YSRCP Honorary President Y. S. Vijayalakshmi from entering Nalgonda district and removing her to a police station in Khammam district. Mrs. Vijayalakshmi was on a visit to console farmers hit by heavy rains and floods in Telangana districts.

In a media statement, State Lok Satta Party President Katari Srinivasa Rao said the police seemed to be acting at the behest of Congress Ministers and other party leaders who had called upon people to thwart Mrs. Vijayamma’s visit as she is opposed to the carving out of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao said that both the Government and political party leaders in all the regions have to observe restraint and strive to arrive an amicable and comprehensive settlement to the Telangana question, instead of provoking each other with undemocratic and unconstitutional words and deeds. The Constitution guarantees the right of every citizen to live, travel and work anywhere in the country.

Mr. Srinivasa Rao underlined that one may agree or disagree with Mrs. Vijayamma’s views on bifurcation of the State but none is entitled to abridge her rights as an Indian citizen. In fact, Telangana leaders should go the extra mile to assuage the fears of Seemandhra people over their future in Telangana and pave way for an amicable settlement.

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